Team Endeavor Testimonial

Team Endeavour Testimonial

Magnotherapy for fitness, training and endurance

Hey all thanks for taking the time in reading over my testimonial. Firstly on the 1st June 2013 we will take on the challenge of a life time "GB Row 2013"

As Team endeavour we will become the first mixed pair to row 2000 nautical miles around the coastline of Great Britain! A truly mammoth task, which once completed will be a first Guinness world record! It will be an unsupported, self- sufficient journey taking roughly 50-60 days to complete. We are looking to raise £20,000 for The Fire Fighters Charity and The Ms Society

Aches and pains now decreased thanks to a magnotherapy pulsar

My name is Charlene and I am the skipper of the boat Team endeavour and as part of my day job I work as a senior spa therapist.

While this is an opportunity of a life time it requires a lot of dedicated training to be at peak physical fitness. Training for such an event will be incredibly gruelling on my already over worked joints. I work on a daily basis as a physical therapist performing many hours of massage. With this in mind I set on a journey to find a truly holistic approach to dealing with aches and pains. I wanted a solution that wasn’t found at a pharmacy!

A drug free approach, as taking pain killers for any length of time can’t be good for you!

Leading me to finding Nikki, whose enthusiasm was an inspiration and from our first chat she kindly sent us a pair of stylish pulsar magnotherapy wristbands. We have since been trailing the wrist bands and can safely say how amazing an addition they have been to our recovery.

My aches and pains from the increased weight training have diminished. 

Put simply they are part of the team! A must for our journey!

Adam is my right hand man for the row! Adam had these thoughts...

I was quite sceptical about the benefits from wearing what is basically a magnet around my wrist, but thought what the heck. However considering the amount of training I’ve been doing in preparation for GB row, I should be in more pain and discomfort. As it stands, since I started wearing the wristband I’ve found that my recovery time is reduced, and the pain is less, on top of that I feel my energy levels and vitality are markedly improved. I'd like to thank Nikki for sending the wristbands, and opening my eyes to the benefits of this type of pain relief.  

Improved recovery, less pain, greater energy and vitality

Try one and I'm sure you'll feel the same way as us about them.

Thanks Nikki. Kind regards, Charlene and Adam, Team Endeavour

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