How Does Thermoflow work on Gas and Oil?

In an open flame, you have the finite length of the flame for combustion to take place. Whatever fuel has not been burnt within that finite flame length is not converted into energy and is waste hydrocarbon lost to atmosphere, adding to the 'greenhouse gases'. However, passing the fuel through the stong Thermoflow magnetic field 'excites' the fuel and allows it to react more rapidly with oxygen and in doing so the fuel is burnt more completely.

Flame Temperature Test Using Land Infra Red Camera

The following test was conducted by a large steel manufacturer in an attempt to definitively measure the effect a Thermoflow unit has on flame temperature.

The effects of thermoflow increasing temperature within minutes

As can be seen, the effects of Thermoflow was to increase flame test temperature by in excess of 16 degrees.

Thermoflow creates more energy (heat) from the same given volume of fuel.


  1. Better combustion is achieved.
  2. Reduces pollution by cutting down the amount of unburnt gas or oil.
  3. The flame burns hotter which means the heat transfers faster in heat exchangers.
  4. Water heats up quicker
  5. Predetermined temperature is reached quicker so thermostats cut off earlier.

So, bearing in mind Thermoflow is simple to fit, no pipe cutting required, maintenance free without running costs and the magnetic properties are guaranteed for life, why not add one to your basket now or call us on 0800 1957687