Magnetic Therapy - A drug free, non invasive and an effective way to treat pain

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Magnotherapy, or magnetic-therapy has been used for thousands of years to help to relieve aches and pains naturally and effectively. It can be used to help with physical pain (such as painful back or knees) as well as aid circulation, allergies and hormonal problems. Used and recommended by an increasing number of Doctors, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Veterinarians and Sports People, it offers a popular alternative to modern medicines. We are proud to sell Bioflow products and a selection of products from another British company, MAGNETiC.

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Magnotherapy Wristbands 

Magnotherapy wristbands for men, women and children

Magnotherapy Jewellery
Magnotherapy bracelets for men and women
Magnotherapy for Pets 
Magnotherapy dog collars for aches, pains and stiffness

Targeted Pain Relief

boost belt kit


Magnetic Fuel Savers 

Save money on motor fuel costs, domestic heating bills plus naturally inhibit limescale


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Free Delivery on Bioflow magnetic products in the UK  

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