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cats can benefit from magnetic therapy for conditions such as arthritisBioflow magnotherapy for Pets

Just as humans can feel the benefits of magnotherapy, so can our pets. Many animal owners have reported better mobility and energy with their animals and have found less need for medication, if any required at all.

Bioflow collars can help with Arthritis, Joint Pain, Back Pain, Hip Dysplasia, Sciatica, Skin Conditions, Stress, Renal Problems, Bowel Disorders, Anxiety, Old Fractures and Stiffness.

The lycra and rubber cat collars are fitted with a bell and buckle fastening making them fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

High success rate with magnotherapy and dogs shows that it's not all 'in the mind!'

The Bioflow Dog Collars are lightweight and made from strong nylon and available in 4 colours, black, olive green, red and yellow and in two sizes, small and large. Small fits neck measurements up to 45cm and large fits up to 65cm. (for enquiries regarding larger sizes, please contact us) Collars are fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.

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