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  1. magnotherapy cat collars for aches and pains blog post

    It is often said that cats have 9 lives and some can live to a grand old age, however, sometimes, like the rest of us, aches and pains can really affect the quality of life for a pet. 

    Magnotherapy can be a very effective way to help relief some conditions such as arthritis, joint pain, back pain, hip dysplasia, sciatica, skin conditions, stress, renal problems, bowel disorders, anxiety, old fractures and stiffness.

    Although magnotherapy may not replace the need for conventional medicines as prescribed or recommended by your vet, it can certainly help reduce the need for some medications and also is non invasive and drug free.

    We currently stock two styles of magnotherapy cat collar made from different materials and made by two different manufacturers - 'Bioflow' and 'MAGNETiC'. The magnetic strength of both collars are above 800 gauss and will be able to penetrate through the skin to treat the blood as it passes through the neck. Both collars are also washable and the magnets are guaranteed for life.

    The Bioflow cat collar has a lycra and rubber collar and fitted with a bell and buckle fastening making them fully adjustable to fit all sizes and an elasticated section for safety if it gets caught. 

    The Magnetic cat collar is hand made in the UK and fully adjustable with no loose ends regardless of how large or small it is. The clasp will come undone when pulled firmly and it comes with a split ring and a bell.

    You may find that your cat will want to drink more water while wearing the collar which is perfectly natural and should be encouraged. Keeping hydrated will help to flush toxins out which can build up in the body. If your cat has found a benefit from wearing a magnotherapy collar, please do let us know!

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